Wicked Realm

No More Fairytales

by Wicked Realm

Released 2016
Released 2016
Female Fronted Alternative Rock/Metal. Heavy, yet melodic...haunting, yet beautiful.
Unique and catchy all original music.
Wicked Realm's sound is a little bit Rock, a little bit Goth, and a little bit Metal.
"No More Fairytales" is the band's debut album and is a collection of songs about life, love, and otherworldly mysteries. The album features recordings spanning the band's first few years together and captures a great sampling of their best songs. All of their songs are original compositions with catchy melodies, heavy driving instrumentals, and haunting vocals. It's not often you hear violin in rock or metal music, but they also feature electric violin in most of their songs.

Featuring the popular singles, "Out of Reach" and "Zombie Tonic", which can be heard on Rock Rage Radio and have been used on the MLB network and WWE, this album is as diverse and unique as the five members in the band who created it.