Wicked Realm

Lindsay Jensen - Vocals & Violin

Lindsay has been playing the violin for 24 years, and has been singing for about 15 years. Her only musical instruction was from grades 6 - 12 when she played in her school's orchestra program. Since then she has been performing professionally since age 20 with various musical projects. She plays mostly by ear and prefers to "feel" the music as it is being written rather than rely on music theory (which was never her strong point), but luckily it works well with the way that Wicked Realm writes their songs. Her previous groups include the rock band, Black Velvet Sea and the Celtic Folk bands Seelie Court and The Muses. Lindsay is influenced by many Celtic Rock bands like Wolfstone and Seven Nations as well as heavier rock and metal groups like Shinedown and Lacuna Coil. Her other favorite bands and artists include, Rob Zombie, Tool, Muse, and Fall Out Boy. (She actually went to High School with Andy Hurley!)

Mike Trowbridge - Lead Guitar

Tom McCartan - Bass

Ryan Hammerel - Guitar

Ernie Hunkins - Drums

Ernie has been playing drums for 19 years and writing lyrics for just as long. A large percentage of Wicked Realm's lyrics were written by him. He is a perfectionist when writing drum parts and often what he plays during a song evolves and changes over time until he is happy with it. His biggest musical influences include Neil Peart, Mike Portnoy, Nicko Rockenfield, and Lars Ulrich. A lot of Ernie's lyrics are  also influenced by Neil Peart and Mike Portnoy as well as Horror and Science Fiction movies. Previous bands he has played with are In a Sense Lost, My Alibi, Black Velvet Sea, and The Midnight Drive. He enjoys listening to Rush, Nightwish, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Queensryche, and Metallica.